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The power saving is the biggest advantage with LED technology. If one considers that the lighting decoration is usually lit about 5 hours every evening, the energy consumption with the old technology already adds up in the pre-Christmas period and creates an unpleasant feeling in our energy-savvy mind. A further advantage of LED technology is that the lifetime of the LEDs is many times longer than the lifetime of a halogen or light bulb. In addition, many manufacturers of Christmas lighting offer technical finesse in their LED products. Electrically independent solar powered or battery powered exterior decorations, switchable models that can be changed or even dimmed in the light color as well as holiday lights or tubes with lengths up to 30 meters are available. Some also offer sensor-controlled light decorations so that the lighting can only be applied at specific times, or only when there is someone in the sensor’s area. In conventional technology, a separate sensor had to be installed or a time switch purchased. 

LED christmas lights have no problem coming on and working in cold temperatures. And in fact, LEDs get more efficient as the outdoor temperature gets lower.

LED Christmas lights get high marks when it comes to durability. In tests, LED bulbs didn’t burn out after over 4,000 hours, while standard light-string bulbs burned out at a rate of one to two per strand before half that time.

Only in the beautiful nostalgic warm light color lies the charm of the conventional incandescent lamp technology. But surely future LEDs will get more light output and their color reproduction and light color will also get better. If you pay attention to quality and get yourself LED fairy lights only by one manufacturer and don’t mix different products, almost nothing can go wrong. 

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