S5 TWS Trådløs Bluetooth 5.0 hodetelefon

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S5 TWS Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earbud
Bluetooth-versjon: Bluetooth 5.0 + ER / BDR
Batterikapasitet: 45 mAh hodetelefoner x 2
Ladekasse: 220mAh
Ladetid: ca. 60 minutter for headsettet og ca. 1,5 timer for ladekassen
Taletid: ca 5,5 timer
Musikk tid: ca 5 timer
Ventetid:> 2800 timer
Funksjon: binaural samtale, musikkspiller, siri stemmeassistent
Støtteprotokoll: HFP 1.7, HSP 1.2, A2DP 1.3, AVRCP 1.6
Følsomhet: -85dBm
Oppbevaringsboks: metallaluminium + oksidasjonsprosess
Hodetelefoner: X5 vanntett, svettefast
Ladekassestørrelse: 22,3 x 22,3 x 87,9 mm
Størrelse på hodetelefoner: 17,1 x 17,1 x 26,8 mm
Vekt: 100g
Kompatibel med:

iPhone iPad iPod
Samsung Sony HTC Huawei osv. Bluetooth-aktiverte smarttelefoner, nettbrett

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S5 TWS Wireless Bluetooth 5.0

With the evolution of technology, many devices have been launched to simplify the customer’s lifestyle and have given them the power of multitasking. Hands-free devices are one such innovation- like headphones, that have become a major part of people’s life nowadays. Joom Norway has collected many such hands-free devices under one platform, to provide a sound environment for customers to choose among the various options.

Handsfree devices are the ones that enable users to communicate without using hands when connected to a mobile device. Joom Norway offers a wide range of handsfree devices that offers updated features and great quality. Handsfree devices offer immense flexibility to the end-user and with the advent of voice commands, life has become even simpler. The technology behind the working of handsfree devices is that they use BlueTooth as their a medium to communicate. Additionally, the freedom from wires is a very tempting reason to buy a handsfree device. You can move about freely when you are doing household chores or listen to music while working out or simply relax while hearing to some soft music.

You can use a handsfree device to shut the high noises around you thus making it easy for you to focus wherever you want. Many people give their best when pairing music with their work, handsfree devices is a one-stop purchase to satisfy such needs. Moreover, you can simply answer or reject a phone call without going through the effort of reaching your smartphone in situations like meetings or jogging. The handsfree devices of Joom Norway provides a high-quality audio output with excellent bass and treble. You will fall in love after using them and would enjoy your work to the fullest.

While discussing handsfree, a special mention is needed for people who drive and simultaneously perform different functions like sending text, making calls, etc.. Many companies have released their version of handsfree headphones, but the most recent eye-catching devices are Apple iPods and two. Tech-giant Apple has always been the trend-setter and iPods are no different, but i10 two manages to give it a tough competition with one-third the pricing. Both of the hands-free devices look exactly the same and comes in portable charging cases. Sound quality is great for both the handsfree devices but tws misses some features like they don’t enjoy the long-range for Bluetooth connection or no auto-pause or auto play function when one of the earbuds is removed.

Another thing worth mentioning is how the use of these devices levels up your styling and make you ultra-stylish. They are available in so many different styles according to your convenience and preference. Paired with cool design touches and fantastic color-coded layout, it surely is an excellent buy and worthy for anyone who wants to use the various features in a hassle-free manner. Joom Norway features these hands-free devices and imparts a great collaboration of best devices. So, gear up and find the best piece aptly suitable for you and enjoy this latest and beautiful trend.

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S5 TWS Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earbud

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  1. Babai

    Its very stylish


  2. Vat

    Materiellet er bra, jeg elsker det, bruker det fra 7 dager og ingen kompletter fremdeles nå, god batteriservice