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Amit Yasi

Jeg liker virkelig stativet, og det er veldig nyttig


Jeg er en Youtuber, og denne tingen hjelper meg mye


This gadget helping me to shot video perfectly


This product is very light weight and I can shoot video easily without taking many takes and shots

The leeventi teleprompter is characterized by its multi-compatibility with all devices and tripods. It is suitable for use with iPad/android tablets, as well as with various mobile phones with a maximum size of 20 cm x 25 cm.

  • large reflection screen (28x19cm)
  • Leeventi Teleprompter – fits on every tripod
  • Compatible with smartphones, tablets, cameras
  • Quality – The kit is light, robust, and transportable
  • Quality software – projection software & remote control from one source
  • Multi compatible – No limitation in the choice of projection & recording devices
  • Holder – Features an integrated smartphone holder
  • Perfect recording – Complete coverage of the recording device with a blackout cloth

A very good reflective glass with high transmittance and a well legible text is especially important for the recording. The Leeventi Prompter’s high-quality reflection glass with a screen size of 28cm x 19cm allows problem-free long-distance shots from a distance of up to 2-3 meters.

Leeventi remote control & software – all from one source
With the remote control, you can not only control the flow of your text perfectly but also contribute spontaneous thoughts at any time. Simply stop at the appropriate point and let your creativity run free, then continue at the planned point again. The Leeventi remote control only works in conjunction with the voice-teleprompter software. The license for this is included in the package price for the first year. From the 2nd year onwards you pay a small annual flat rate.